Robotics Design

Alumni - Aerospace | Automne 1997

About the company

A leader in modular robotics technology since its inception, Robotics Design Inc. creates innovative products that are used around the world. They are provided by the various divisions of the company which share the same mission to serve and simplify the lives of human beings while protecting the environment in which they live.

These divisions are: Industrial Manipulators, Assisted Manipulators, Duct Inspection and Cleaning, Security and Defense, and Education and Research. They create mobile robots, snake arms, manipulator arms and assisted manipulators.

New products are constantly emerging at Robotics Design. The ingenuity and diversity of our company has revolutionized the work of our customers and brought us closer to our competitors, universities and research centers to create various advanced equipment.

The founders

Charles Khairallah

Phoenix Impact

Été 2023

Ivano Bioscience

Hiver 2021