Centech's FAQ


What is Centech?

Centech is a business incubator specialized in the field of high technologies, and particularly focused on the Medtech and Deeptech sectors. Centech is an NPO.

Where is Centech located?

Centech is located in Montreal, in the heart of the Innovation District.

There are two distinct buildings:
– 1000, Saint-Jacques Street – dedicated to Collision Lab’s corporate partners and to the Acceleration Program
– 400, Montfort Street – dedicated to the Propulsion Program and to incubated startups

What is the difference between the Acceleration Program and the Propulsion Program?

The Acceleration Program is a 12-week program to help you validate your business project. During this program, you will benefit from the support of an Entrepreneur in Residence, participate in numerous conferences and workshops, and gain access to our premises and facilities.

The Propulsion Program is a 2-year incubation program and is reserved for entrepreneurs who have validated their business project. As part of the Propulsion Program, you will benefit from the support of our experts, specialists and Entrepreneurs in Residence to bring to market your innovation and build a sustainable business model.

What are the fees for startups who wish to benefit from services offered by Centech?

Centech is a non-profit organization. The Acceleration Program is free and open to everyone. Therefore, no fee, deposit, equity or intellectual property rights are requested.

A small monthly fee applies for startups that are part of the Propulsion Program. These fees cover costs related to their dossier follow-up and the management of the premises rented out by the company during the incubation period.

What are the services and benefits offered by Centech to startups?

Centech provides access to an innovation ecosystem to expand your startup business network, obtain funding and unique scholarships, and benefit from exclusive support from renowned entrepreneurs and qualified experts. By participating in any of the programs offered at Centech, you also benefit from the team’s expertise (for patent filing, seeking grants, etc.) and an access to ÉTS infrastructures (labs, machinery, 5G installations, etc.).

What are the kind of workshops and conferences offered to Centech startups?

Centech programs include a variety of workshops and conferences. These workshops cover the main aspects related to business creation such as legal and paralegal, marketing, communication, intellectual property, market research, mental health, human resources, financing and accounting, etc.

The workshops are adapted to the cohort, according to the participants’ specific needs.

What is a Deeptech company? And a Medtech company?

Deeptech companies offer innovative solutions and products that meet our societal challenges and improve productivity through cutting-edge technologies. These technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, robotics, drones, electronics, photonics, new materials, energy solutions, quantum, blockchains, and any other science and engineering technology.

Medtech companies offer innovative solutions and products aimed at improving care, medical techniques and the quality of life of individuals, thanks to cutting-edge technologies. These advances can include digital health solutions, medical devices, neurotechnology, and any other science and engineering technology.

What are the preferred industries of Centech?

Centech is particularly interested in companies developing deep tech solutions in the following industries:

– Automation & Industry 4.0
– Transport & Logistics
– Telecommunications & Microelectronics
– Energy & the Environment

I wish to get involved in Centech's ecosystem, how can I proceed?

There are many ways to be a part of Centech’s innovation ecosystem.

To get started, complete the contact form and give us more details on why you’re interested in getting involved.

A member of our team will contact you with further details.


Who can apply for Centech's Acceleration Program?

We welcome project leaders from all walks of life, whether you are a researcher, an entrepreneur, a business buyer, a student, an engineer or simply an individual with an innovative idea.

I don't have a team yet. Can I submit my entrepreneurial project?

Absolutely! During the 12-week Acceleration Program, you will encounter many opportunities to meet people from various backgrounds and build your dream team. Montreal’s innovation ecosystem offers a variety of networking activities and our team will provide you with tips and tricks to help you stand out during these events. You will also gain access to a large network of quality contacts, whether you are looking to chat with members of the Montreal startup ecosystem or with talented and passionate students enrolled in one of the many clubs of ÉTS.

What is the duration of the Acceleration Program?

The Acceleration Program is a 12-week program.

The workshops take place mainly on weekdays, during regular business hours.

Participating in the Program requires an investment of approximately 20 hours per week. It is therefore a demanding program both in terms of time and effort. We recommend that you do not apply for the Acceleration Program if you are currently working or studying full-time.

How can I be admitted to the Acceleration Program?

The Acceleration Program includes 2 cohorts per year (Fall and Winter). You must submit your application before the deadline applicable to the cohort you want to join. Candidates whose project meets the requirements will be called to pitch their idea to our selection committee. The duration of the presentation is 10 minutes, including a Q&A period.

What is the structure of the Acceleration Program?

The Acceleration Program is a 12-week program. Workshops and conferences are offered in hybrid mode. However, it is recommended to participate physically in Centech’s workshops in order to maximize the positive impact for your startup.

Participating in the Program requires an investment of approximately 20 hours per week. In order to get the most out of it, it is recommended that you do not work or study full-time while you participate in the Acceleration Program.

The Acceleration Program allows entrepreneurs to set the foundations of their business with our experts, Entrepreneurs in Residence and speakers. You will work on all aspects of your business (HR, marketing, financing, intellectual property, accounting, etc.) and will be able to validate your solution with your target market.

How does the Acceleration Program work?

There are two cohorts per year, each welcoming about thirty startups. This model allows us to offer personalized support to each and every participating entrepreneur. During the program, you will benefit from the individual support of an Entrepreneur in Residence, attend workshops run by our partners and experts, as well as conferences by successful entrepreneurs, and more.

This Program is demanding and requires an investment of approximately 20 hours per week. It is recommended that you do not work or study full-time while participating in this program.

Does Centech take an equity share in startups enrolled in the Acceleration Program?

No, Centech does not take any equity share in the startups selected to participate in the Acceleration Program.

Centech is a non-profit organization and is proud to offer a program that is 100% free, with no hidden costs for participants.

When can I apply for the Acceleration Program?

The application periods are posted on our website. The application process takes place twice a year.

Is the Program offered in French or in English?

The Acceleration program and the workshops are offered only in French. It’s always possible to pitch your project and ask questions/answers in English.

Can I apply for the Acceleration Program from abroad?

It is possible to apply for the Acceleration program from abroad, but the structure of the program requires your presence in Montreal for 12 weeks (approximately 25 hours per week). This also guarantees that you will benefit from the many advantages offered by Centech, and maximize your participation.

Please note that it is not necessary to obtain a Canadian work permit to follow the Acceleration program. That said, we can provide a letter of acceptance for a visa if required.

How can I apply for the program?

1. When the call for projects is open, register on Centech’s project submission platform https://centech.co/en/applications
2. Enter your contact details
3. Tell us more about your entrepreneurial project
4. Upload a presentation of your project (a maximum of 9 slides)
5. Upload a 60-second video describing your project in detail


Who can apply for Centech's Propulsion Program?

The Propulsion Program is built for companies requiring support over a long period of time, and whom can benefit from custom advice. This is a 2-year incubation program.

It is MANDATORY to have completed the Acceleration Program before submitting your application for the Propulsion Program.

How can I enroll in the Propulsion Program?

Entrepreneurs who have validated their project during the Acceleration Program will be able to present their project to the Propulsion Program selection board.

Entrepreneurs selected to join in the Propulsion Program will benefit from all of the advantages offered over this 2-year period.

We remind you that it is IMPERATIVE to have followed the Acceleration Program before submitting your application for the Propulsion Program.

How long is the Propulsion Program?

The duration of the Propulsion Program is 2 years.


What is the Collision Lab?

The Collision Lab is Centech’s open innovation hub. At the Collision Lab, we support large companies from different sectors with open innovation initiatives, while taking into consideration their innovation strategy.

What are the services offered by the Collision Lab to corporations?

Here is our service offering for large corporations wanting to join Centech’s ecosystem as corporate partners:

– Immersion in our ecosystem: Centech is a meeting place bubbling with numerous activities.
– Support in open innovation: a practical approach based on your innovation objectives and focusing on tangible results.
– Startup scouting and calls for projects: we help you identify the best startups of our ecosystem and launch calls for projects to address your challenges.
– Projects and experimentations: carry out proofs of concept and other experimental projects with one or more startups.
– Visibility and presence: possibility to establish a permanent physical presence in one of Centech’s spaces, generating astounding visibility for your company during Centech’s numerous events.
– Connecting with a network of talents: we have privileged ties with ÉTS University. Plus, Montreal offers the largest concentration of students in North America, with 11 universities totaling 200,000 students.
– Knowledge sharing: our partners meet regularly to discuss their challenges and we support them in acquiring a deep knowledge and understanding of open innovation.

How to become a Collision Lab corporate partner?

You want to do things differently and speed up your innovation processes? Contact our team of experts in open innovation!

Together, we will be able to define and understand your needs and innovation goals, and to establish the foundations of a collaboration that can respond to your challenges and ambitions.

We are on the lookout for large companies whose innovation ambitions are aligned with Centech’s technological sectors.

How does the Collision Lab act to create bridges between startups and large companies?

We are renowned experts in generating successful collaborations between startups and large companies. Whether the request comes from a startup or a large company, we take the time to understand the objectives of the future collaboration and we support both parties to make it a success. With a personalized approach and a deep understanding of our partners’ reality, we support them at each stage of the collaboration.

Explore all opportunities offered by open innovation.

What are the advantages of becoming a corporate member of the Collision Lab?

By joining Centech’s Collision Lab as a corporate partner:

– You are a part of the Open Innovation hub at Centech, an university incubator dedicated to Deeptech and one of world’s best incubators (Top 20 according to UBI Global).
– You are mentored and coached by a human-centric team with a tailor-made approach.
– Together, we build strategies based on your innovation objectives and aimed at reaching concrete results.
– You’re at the heart of Montreal’s Innovation District, and benefit from a privileged access to a bubbling innovation ecosystem.

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