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Centech | World-Class Innovation Center

A non-profit organization, Centech supports high-tech companies and projects with high growth potential, from conceptualization to commercialization, thanks to a bold, collaborative and passionate ecosystem.

Our history


Creation of Centech by the École de technologie supérieure


Creation of the Collision Lab, an open innovation hub facilitating collaboration between startups and large corporations


Centech recognized by UBI Global as one of the top 20 incubators in the world


Centech recognized by UBI Global as one of the top 10 incubators in the world

Our values


We collaborate with proactive and autonomous people, renowned for their sense of initiative and their thirst for excellence, who act with agility, efficiency and ambition to surpass themselves.


We have built a community based on mutual support and fueled by a strong sense of belonging, where everyone plays an active role in the success of the other.


We hire people who are motivated and committed, and who can help in building a work environment that’s both pleasant and dynamic, one in which rigor, consistency and competence combine.


We are driven by optimism and curiosity in the face of change, and have implemented a dynamic based on continuous improvement and focused on solutions.


We encourage ways of doing things, activities and projects that are authentic, inclusive and respectful of the environment, society and people.

Our goals

Learn more about Centech’s objectives and the desired impact in Quebec and Canadian societies.


Encourage entrepreneurial ambitions and technology transfer in Quebec

  • Stimulate entrepreneurial spirit and encourage technology transfer through open innovation
  • Attract and retain the best local and international Deep tech and Medtech projects

Support high-potential technological innovation entrepreneurial projects

  • Offer an ecosystem focused on excellence, with access to quality training, support and infrastructure, to go from startup to business.
  • Build an outstanding service offering and a first-class network including collaborators, partners and investors to accelerate business growth
  • Provide key resources to support commercialization both locally and internationally

Actively participate in Quebec's economic development by providing concrete solutions to our societal issues

  • Support impact projects that address our society’s current and future challenges
  • Guarantee privileged access to Centech’s ecosystem for deep tech and MedTech companies, throughout Quebec

Our key sectors

We support high-potential Startups that offer innovative solutions to significant problems and societal challenges.


Products and solutions that rely on innovative technologies to respond to societal challenges and improve productivity”
Centech is particularly interested in companies developing deep tech solutions in the following industries:

  • Automation & Industry 4.0
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Telecommunications & Microelectronics
  • Energy & the Environment


Medtech encompasses technological products and solutions aimed at improving health care, quality of life and medical techniques to ensure the well-being of all individuals in our society.

Two spaces dedicated to Innovation

Located in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier de l’innovation, Centech offers two friendly and collaborative spaces, entirely dedicated to the development of large-scale technology companies.

400, Montfort Street

1000, Saint Jacques Street

Centech's Team

Direction Team

Richard Chénier

General Director

Marjorick Foisy

Deputy General Director

Julian Lucchesi

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Philippe Thompson

Programs Director

Martin Enault

Lead, Entrepreneur in Residence

Programs Team

Jasmine Létourneau

Manager - Propulsion Program

Amine Frini

Advisor - Propulsion Program

Bérénice Alanis

Advisor - Propulsion Program

Rossana Alfaro Román

Advisor - Propulsion Program

Sophia Jasmin

Advisor - Propulsion Program

Morgane Paviost

Advisor - Propulsion Program

Geoffrey Poincheval

Advisor - Acceleration Program

Jocelyne Fortier

Technician - Acceleration Program

Sharon Lenette

Administrative Assistant - Programs

Julie Galiana

Administrative Assistant - Programs

Support and administrative Team

Fabienne Adelson

Administrative Assistant - Strategic Partnerships

Adrien Flisak

Event Coordinator

Sophie Advielle

Partnership Advisor

Geneviève Lacoursière

Communications Advisor

Margot Point

Communications Advisor

Mélina Cyr St-André

Communications Coordinator

Khady Barky Diallo

Accounting Technician

Mehdi Younes Alloune

Data Analysis Technician

Julie Le Ster

Head of Study, Le Studio Montréal EDNA

Anissa Boughazi

Mitacs Business Development Specialist

Alain Melançon

Premises maintenance attendant

Collision Lab Team

Olivier Thomas

Collision Lab Manager, Open Innovation

Maria Bilash

Open Innovation Advisor

Jean-Baptiste Leguet

Open Innovation Advisor

Lucas Colney

Open Innovation Advisor

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Board of Directors

Élaine-Annie Bédard

Director of Finance, ÉTS, Treasurer of the EAB Board)

David Bernardi

Company administrator

Louis Brun

Chief Executive Officer, Sollum technologies

Albert De Luca

Tax Partner and Global Leader in R&D and Government Incentives, Deloitte (ADL)

Sophie Forest

Managing Partner, Brightspark (SF)

Daniel Girard

CEO and Founder, CVT Corp

Geneviève Tanguay

President and CEO, Anges Québec

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