Haylem Technologies

Alumni - Edtech | 2008

About the company

Haylem is first of all the story of a dyslexic-dysorthographic little brother who dropped out of school following an obstacle course. It is then the story of his big brother who, after obtaining a diploma of engineering, chose to help people struggling with a learning disability.

Haylem is engineering and technological innovation at the service of people who have difficulty reading and writing. Expertise in software development specialized in the field of written language, which mainly targets the education sector. We are constantly collaborating with professionals in the field, with the aim of developing a tool that best meets their needs and especially those of their clienteles. Haylem is also a strong sense of customer service, a lot of listening and a dedicated team. A great understanding of the issues surrounding learning disabilities allows us to treat our customers with the greatest respect, always with the mission of offering people who have difficulties the opportunity to deploy their potential and succeed at the same level. than the others.

Today, technology is a major ally for pushing the limits and striving for greater things. At Haylem, access to literacy is seen as a fundamental right that must be given to everyone and accompanied by all the necessary tools so that each person can learn to read and write in optimal conditions. In his communications, Haylem relies heavily on valuing people with learning disabilities and educating the public about their reality. Valuable and benevolent help is offered to both professionals and families in the use of Lexibar. Several materials, guides, training, and quality technical support are offered completely free of charge by the company in order to optimize the use of Lexibar.

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Francis Haynes
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