Resologi Inc.

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About the company

In technological environments that are constantly changing, it is important to be on the lookout for the latest technologies so that you can explore all your options. This is why innovation is at the heart of the strategy at Resologi.

Whether it concerns the design, production, programming, installation or optimization of your systems, Resologi professionals are able to take charge of your project in its entirety.

With its extensive field experience, Resologi has developed the DAINSY product which is part of the wave of connected objects. This IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) bridges the world of automation and the IT world, thus opening up data to a multitude of systems. With a team dedicated to the DAINSY product, we have propelled some of our customers to new heights in terms of business intelligence.

The founders

Julien Ciesla
Patrick Trudel

Local Logic

Automne 2016


Été 2018

Audible Reality

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