Les Toits Vertige

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About the company

Since 2005, Toits Vertige has been reinventing the face of urban development by advocating the many advantages of green roofs. Recreational installation or eco-responsible project, the green roof is much more than a simple trend. It stands out today as an ecological and design addition to the infrastructures built by man. However, its design requires a global technicality which must be considered.

Executed in a professional manner, our work always follows construction standards in Quebec and meets the standards of the most demanding construction sites. The plans are rigorously analyzed by our estimators who work together with all the professionals in the field. We are proud of the many distinctions received over the years, the recognition of our peers and the certifications we have obtained in order to remain at the top of our game.

By opting for the Toits Vertige team, you are guaranteed to participate in the birth of an innovative, high-quality project that will completely change the vision you had of a simple building.

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Xavier Kirouac-Laplace
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