KAT Innovation

Alumni - Medical Device | Hiver 2021

About the company

KAT Innovation is working to develop and commercialize an innovative, connected medical device in the form of smart clothing incorporating our OSTAAT™ electrical stimulation technology. This device aims to stimulate bone growth in patients suffering from osteopenia and osteoporosis, and addresses an unmet need in osteoporosis patients with severe chronic kidney disease (CKD), for whom medication is contraindicated. Our non-invasive approach, with no side-effects or vibrations, uses a very low-intensity electric current to stimulate osteogenesis, thereby reducing the risk of fractures, particularly of the hip and spine.

The founders

Marcel Maroist

Recharge Véhicule Électrique

Hiver 2015


Hiver 2022
Information Technology

Sports AI

Automne 2021