We are extremely happy to announce that 13 companies were officially selected at the end of November 2021 to join the Propulsion program. So, our congratulations to: Deepsight – Augmented Reality SR.ai GPHY Teameo Gray Routes AI Mely.ai Gravity Readaptation AIHeart Alleviate OpAI Innovations BlindSight NeuroGroup VegaBiolmaging For 2 years, these companies will be able…

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CENTECH opens its call for projects period from October 26th, 2021 until January 12th, 2022 for the winter 2022 COHORT

Montreal, October 26, 2021 – Centech, a startup incubator, opens the Call for Projects period for the Acceleration program for the Winter Cohort 2022 in hybrid format from October 26, 2021 until January 12, 2022. The world-class incubator supports high-tech companies with high potential.This 200-hour program extended over 12 weeks is an opportunity for entrepreneurs…

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Twenty-five (25) new companies join the Fall 2021 Acceleration cohort

It’s back to school time at Centech with the arrival of twenty-five (25) companies in the Acceleration program. The opportunity for these entrepreneurs to go faster and further in their technological project. This 12-week program will allow these startups to validate the technological potential of their project, establish a solid business model and strengthen the…

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Ten (10) companies join the Fall 2021 Propulsion cohort

After 12 intensive weeks, the Summer 2021 Acceleration Cohort is coming to an end. Congrats to all the startups that participated in the program and a special thank you to our entrepreneurs-in-residence, partners and speakers for your dedication. Following the jury’s selection, 10 companies stood out for the strength of their deeptech project and their…

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Thirty-one (31) new technology startups join the Summer 2021 Acceleration Cohort

Centech is pleased to welcome the Summer 2021 Acceleration Cohort with Thirty-one (31) new technology startups with high growth potential. This twelve (12) week intensive bootcamp will allow companies to propel their entrepreneurial project by validating the potential of their idea, establishing a solid business model and strengthen the foundations of their organization. On the…

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