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Are you a Canadian tech startup with a solution that could be transformed by 5G and Mobile Edge Compute?

What is the Centech 5G Development Hub?

Created by Verizon and Centech, in collaboration with Bell Canada, the 5G Development Hub provides startups and scaleups with a unique opportunity to realize the transformative power of 5G and Mobile Edge Compute (MEC). The program will work to unlock innovation in multiple industries including manufacturing and supply chain, transportation and smart cities, and energy and utilities.


Selected startups and scaleups will have the chance to integrate their solution on Bell’s 5G network and demonstrate their innovations to two of the largest network operators in Canada and the US.

Creating a unique space for startups to unlock innovation with the power of 5G and Mobile Edge Compute.

Focus Areas

We are looking for startups with innovative B2B solutions that can leverage 5G and MEC to unlock increased capabilities. We are recruiting in the following areas:

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

5G technology will power the “factory of the future,” by allowing manufacturers to build more flexible, efficient and safer production operations. 5G will improve overall operational efficiency and quality assurance across the supply chain by enabling increased automation, robotics, augmented reality and IoT solutions.

Transportation & Smart Cities

5G is poised to have a tremendous impact on the future of transportation. From logistics and delivery to autonomous vehicle testing and implementation, 5G will provide near real-time visibility and system control for transportation systems across the world.

Energy & Utilities

5G technology will help reimagine how to more efficiently manage energy production, transmission, distribution and usage, as well as the next wave of mining and smart grid features. Critical utility infrastructure will benefit from 5G’s speed, power and throughput, leading to a smart Distributed Energy Resources and new and flexible energy ecosystems.

Why participate in the Centech 5G Development Hub?

Selected participants will get to innovate on Bell’s 5G network and Mobile Edge Compute (MEC) at Centech, creating new use cases and realizing the power of 5G on their solutions.

By participating in the 5G Development Hub, selected startups and scalable companies will be provided an exclusive opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of incorporating 5G and MEC into their technologies and services. Participants will have a unique opportunity to work alongside with network experts from Bell as well as business leaders from Verizon’s New Business Incubation team, housing industry experts in the areas of location technology, robotics, industrial IoT, energy management and other emergent technologies.

Access to Bell’s 5G network and technical expertise

  • Technical expertise to support you as you test and integrate 5G into your products and services
  • Access to testing on Bell’s commercial 5G network, MEC, and various devices

Business development and growth strategy

  • Mentoring from Centech on go-to-market, fundraising strategies and commercial pitch deck review
  • Access to related expertise from Centech’s leading industry, technology, and 5G partners

Building 5G-ready products

  • Develop applications that use 5G and MEC to enable new product capabilities
  • Opportunity to present 5G-integrated products to teams from Verizon and Bell

In addition to these advantages, the program also provides:

  • Co-working space at Centech during the program
  • Investment and/or partnership opportunities through the Centech ecosystem

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Selection Criteria

  • You are a startup or a scalable company incorporated in Canada
  • Your product is commercialized or ready for commercialization in one of the designated focus areas
  • You are already considering integrating 5G and MEC into your product or service
  • You are available for technical integration at Centech’s Montreal-based testbed between August and October, 2022



May 18

Applications now open!


June 29

Application deadline


July 13-15

Finalists notified


July 18-29

Finalist interviews


August 1

Selected startups announced



Onboarding into the program



Testing of the solution in Montreal



Innovation Showcase

Important information

1. Selection Process

Each startup must express interest by completing the short application form. Relevant companies will be invited to an informational session to learn about the program, meet the 5G Program partners and ask questions. A detailed application will be required for startups to provide information about their company, 5G integration goals and technical requirements. The first round of selections will take place in early July (the choice will be made based on the information and documentation provided by each candidate). Selected first round participants will receive an email inviting them to the final interview via a video call.

2. Application Evaluation

The jury will include members of the Verizon and Centech teams and an expert evaluator from Bell Canada.

3. Program Structure

This 3-month program is an individual startup coaching program focused on technological compliance validation and new business model development. All participants will have access to technical resources for testing and tech expert assistance (on request). Participants will also have three group meetings (one per month), and weekly check-in meetings with a business coach selected by the Centech team. You will need 1-2 hours per week to achieve your objectives, which will be established in partnership with the Centech team at the beginning of the program. During the testing phase, participant participation may be more intense (from 5 to 14 days, depending on test progress and metrics).

4. Online or in Person

The 5G Development Hub, located in Montreal, Quebec, is part of the Centech incubator campus. The testing will take place on Bell’s 5G network with Mobile Edge Compute at Centech. In addition to the onsite testing period (5 to 14 days), there will also be individual and group meetings during the program when online attendance is possible. Senior leadership and product specialists must be physically present in Montreal during the Innovation Showcase in mid-November in order to present solutions and progress.

5. Why Does Verizon Want to Collaborate With Canadian Startups?

Canada has a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem with exciting emerging technologies. Verizon sees an extraordinary opportunity to encourage this diverse market of entrepreneurs to leverage the capabilities of 5G and edge computing to help create the products and ecosystems of the future. The goal of working with Centech is to create a unique space for startups in industries that are ripe for disruption.

6. IP Transfer

By participating in the program, the companies are not required to give away any rights to their IP. All test work done during the program will be covered by an NDA between Centech, Verizon, Bell and the participant.

7. Equity and Expenses

This program is 100% equity-free. Participants do not have to pay any fee to be part of the program. Some traveling expenses for participant companies outside Montreal will be covered by Centech and the program partners

8. Tech Requirements for Tests

Testing is a critical component of our program. We’ll verify the compatibility between your solution/product, your needs and the available 5G infrastructure provided by Bell Canada before the beginning of the program, to ensure that all tests can be completed between September and November 2022.

9. Confidentiality

Participants will be required to execute a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement that contains key terms and conditions governing any potential disclosure of confidential, proprietary and sensitive information in connection with participating in the 5G Program.


Haply Robotics develops 3D haptic controllers that replicate tactile sensory input and allow users to interact with an environment through a screen or VR headset. These technologies can be used to control industrial robots, support employee training, and remotely monitor vehicles that interact with physical environments.

5G use case

Leverages the low latency that 5G can provide plus the adaptability of MEC to enable near real-time control of robots with haptic feedback.


Edgecom Energy provides custom hardware and software solutions to reduce energy costs and emissions for large energy consumers, helping decision makers understand, improve and control how they use energy, water and natural gas.

5G use case

The lower latency that 5G can offer not only enables energy consumption monitoring, but also near real-time control of connected devices, enabling integration into the network for greater resiliency, demand control and frequency regulation.


FuseForward provides an edge-safe data and analytics platform built for businesses with multiple applications, data sources, and diverse user communities. The company’s integrated, scalable, and secure platform provides actionable insights and analytics that support both near real-time and historical reporting.

5G use case

Expands smart campus analytical capabilities by integrating sensors in areas without a wired connection and layering in live video analytics streamed across 5G and processed using MEC.


I-5O has built a deep learning-based computer vision platform to help manufacturers track, measure, and improve their manual production operations in near real-time.

5G use case

Continuously generates actionable insights into production operations and detects process deviations in near real time. Uses 5G to expand where cameras can be used, not just where Ethernet connectivity is available.


Kognitiv Spark creates Mixed Reality (MR) solutions with its robust MR platform RemoteSpark. Kognitiv Spark has helped drive the adoption of MR in sectors where the technology can have a significant impact, including nuclear and power utilities, aerospace and defense, and increasingly the public sector.

5G use case

Enhances the overall performance of the RemoteSpark MR platform by leveraging the speed and throughput of 5G to achieve higher definition video calls and near real-time digital asset transfers.


Peytec is an industrial IoT and AI company that develops and sells high-precision positioning and detection solutions. Peytec specializes in real-time inventory tracking, asset management and quality control. Peytec mainly serves industrial sectors such as mining, manufacturing and agriculture.

5G use case

Virtualizes the master scheduling nodes using low latency of 5G and MEC to reduce hardware costs for asset tracking, while also simplifying deployment and maintenance.


SmartCone is an IoT Connected Ecosystem company servicing a wide array of use cases including intelligent transportation systems, asset tracking and mining. SmartCone has created an open architecture system integration platform which includes the hardware and software components. SmartCone has multiple patents, and its own full stack embedded programming language.

5G use case

Moves processing and sensor fusion capabilities from the SmartCone device to MEC. Leveraging 5G alongside MEC can allow for greater communication and information sharing between devices.

About Centech

Centech is a world-class business incubator and non-profit organization based in Montreal, which welcomes innovative technology projects that meet the needs of the industry, market and society.

From concept to commercialization, Centech supports deep tech companies and projects with a strong potential for growth within a bold, collaborative and passionate ecosystem.

The Collision Lab, Centech’s open innovation hub, helps guide large corporations towards their open innovation goals by offering personalized support that will allow them to collaborate with tech startups and university expertise.

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