Ten (10) companies

join the Summer 2021 Propulsion cohort

After 12 intensive weeks, the Winter 2021 Acceleration Cohort is coming to an end. Congratulations to all startups that have just completed the program.

A big thank you to our entrepreneurs in residence, partners and speakers who contributed to the success of the cohort.


Following the jury’s selection, 10 companies stood out for the strength of their project and their capacity to innovate. These promising companies join the Propulsion program for a two-year support with personalized coaching, grants and allocation, conferences, events and activities related to entrepreneurship, work spaces, etc.

The Propulsion program allows companies to accelerate the development time to develop a ready-to-market product, to build a strong financial structure that supports business development and viability, establish a business model and an effective commercialization strategy for their target market.

Congratulations to Aeroport AI, Énowé, In A Blink, Chembrains, Toot, Truxweb, AFX Medical, Hepius Medical, Azimut Medical et Solutions Ora.


Welcome to the Propulsion program!


A special thanks to the jury members who participated in the selection of these companies:


– Isabelle Foisy ASC, Adm.A from the Conseil de l’innovation du Québec;                                                                                                                  – Laure Tessier-Delivuk from GE Healthcare;
– Renaud Lavoie from RIEDEL Communications GmbH & Co. KG;– Stephan Bitton from Amazon Web Services (AWS);
– Eric Labelle from Banque Nationale du Canada;
– Patrick St-Louis from Warp Solutions Inc. & Centech‘s Alumni;
– Pascal Grenier from CAE inc;
– Florin A. F. from CGI;
– Simon Savard, M.Sc. from Port de Montréal;
– Erick Fortin, ing., PMP from CAE Healthcare;
& Francis Bellido from Soundbite Medical Solutions Inc.