Monday, 13 July 2020

Quebec consortium of high-tech incubators

As part of CED’s Incubators and Accelerators Driven by Excellence (IADE) initiative, launched in May 2019, a Quebec consortium of high-tech incubators was created, made up of ACET, CENTECH, CTS Santé and Zù.

The consortium’s objectives are:

  • To help high-tech companies succeed by providing them with better tools, personalized high-level training and coaching, access to several national and international networks, and adequate funding
  • To develop a unique business model and network of partners aimed at generating more successful businesses
  • To expand the capacity of the innovation ecosystem to support young innovative companies with high growth potential
  • To increase the number of start-ups and further stimulate their growth and global competitiveness
  • To stand as the benchmark among high-tech incubators/accelerators in Canada

This initiative is made possible through the financial support of Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions.