Tuesday, 11 September 2018

CENTECH announces the companies chosen for its Fall Acceleration Program

Montreal, September 11, 2018. For immediate release. Richard Chénier, CENTECH Director, announced earlier today the names of 39 technology projects selected for its Acceleration Program. At the same time, Richard Chénier announced the 6 companies selected to participate in Centech’s first Aerospace cohort.
Furthermore, these entrepreneurs are the first to inaugurate the new Centech’s headquarter at 1000 Saint-Jacques, in the former Planetarium Dow building. The domain of expertise covered by the entrepreneurs’ span from robotics, AI, Medtech and Aerospace.
Starting this week, these 39 startup companies will benefit from the support and advice of the Acceleration Program, a 12-week path that will allow them to develop their ideas into concrete, realistic and rational projects.

The selected technology entrepreneurs stand out for the quality of their submissions and the commercial potential of their products and services. They will receive free access to CENTECH services and training provided by experts and conference leaders at the top of their fields of expertise.

Here are some the companies accepted by the Summer 2018 Acceleration Program:
- 8xLabs, Canscan Softwares and Technologies, Vegtech, Artventure, 4elements, NFCI, Mimir Network, B-Cinq Technologies, Groupe SCL, SleepExpert AI, MySmartJourney, Technologies Ergotera, Blaise Transit, CityGrows, Sol4Rad, NeuroServo, Aifred Health, Medialpha Laboratoires, Equinox, Brain Solutions, Opal, nplex biosciences, CURA Therapeutics, Osteon Orthopaedic, Enovative care, Opportune, KITS, Ice Box, Wize Venue, modern Ways…

The companies comprising Centech’s first Aerospace cohort are:
- DroneEntry Technologies, ATIQC, OSCP, Lux, Humanitas Solutions, FLITE Material Sciences

“It’s fascinating to see the quality of projects presented,” noted Richard Chénier. “The interest in our first Centech-Starburst Aerospace cohort and the support offered by our residents and entrepreneurs in residence cannot be denied. The purpose of our accelerator is enhancing the performance and success of our entrepreneurs. As our new Aerospace Entrepreneur in Residence I would like to welcome Marie-Chantal Chassé, a well know entrepreneur in the industry. Our mission is rooted in the performance and success of our entrepreneurs” adds Chénier.

About the Acceleration Program
The 12-week Acceleration Program is the mandatory gateway to Centech services. Based on the Lean Startup approach, selected companies must create the basis for their business model and understand the dimensions and challenges of successful companies.

Created in 1996 by the École de Technologie Supérieure, and located in the heart of Montréal’s Quartier de l’innovation, CENTECH is a tech entrepreneurial centre dedicated to technology companies with high growth potential. Recognized by UBI (University Business Network) as one of the world’s most effective accelerators, CENTECH acts as a veritable growth machine. It has created one of the greatest densities of high-level tech entrepreneurs in Canada. Furthermore, Centech is now offering open innovation cells to corporations that can integrate major corporations and companies seeking to design new products and give them an opportunity to benefit from the agility of start-ups and from Centech's entrepreneurial ecosystem.