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Morgane Paviost

Interview with Morgane Paviost: Meet our sustainable development Propulsion Program Advisor!

Coffee Time would like to introduce you to Morgane Paviost, our sustainable development Propulsion Program Advisor. Morgane helps create the program content focused on sustainable development with our incubated companies.


As a society, we know that there’s an urgent need to take action for the future of our climate. On a small scale, we can take action at home and in our everyday lives. But what can startups and companies do and how?


In this article, you’ll learn about the importance of integrating the concept of sustainable development into the creation of a company, the steps and actions that have been taken by startups and Centech, and the reality behind becoming aware of this issue as an entrepreneur.

Can you explain the importance of prioritizing and integrating the concept of sustainable development right from the start of the entrepreneurial journey?


” According to the feedback and reactions we receive from the companies we work with, once a startup has been launched, if all your product development is done but the aspect of sustainability hasn’t been thought through, it forces you to backpedal to rethink your way of doing things. To make impactful changes in terms of sustainable development, you’ll need to review your business model to integrate new concepts. That’s why it’s important to do it right from the beginning, from the very first stages of creating a business, as the companies in the Acceleration program have done.


The companies we’re currently incubating are already aware of the urgent need to take action for the climate. Most people are familiar with the concept on a personal level—we know that we need to take individual action. However, it’s much harder to integrate that into a startup, and even harder to do it in the technology field, because there’s not much information out there. So that provides an even better explanation of why we’re developing a program on the subject.


More and more, when it comes to obtaining grants, subsidies or even funding, the trend is to require sustainable development criteria.


As consumers, we’re all increasingly aware that people are going to demand sustainable solutions. We don’t want companies to engage in the kind of green washing we’ve seen so much of lately. Entrepreneurs need to be convinced that sustainable development is necessary. ”

The companies set three concrete, measurable objectives focused on product development and another main focus of their choice. Can you tell us about the milestones you’ve achieved and those that lie ahead for the companies in the Acceleration and Propulsion programs?


” Companies have set goals related to reducing carbon emissions, more sustainable marketing, social aspects within a company or even the circular economy for better cloud management, as an example.


Of course, these objectives can be difficult to imagine: everyone can agree that the subject of sustainable development is constantly evolving and that there’s no perfect recipe yet.



At Centech, the next step is to provide companies with more personalized support in this area. We don’t want them to end up managing this on their own. We’ve also approached a number of collaborating partners to forge closer ties between them and Centech startups, so that the startups can receive proper support in these specific areas. We want to equip them and give them access to a large toolbox—a panoply of resources.


We try to make this process easy for our entrepreneurs. When you are starting your own business, you have so many things to think about that the big challenges of change and the unknown can easily seem frightening. We want to take that fear away and enable businesses to take action to achieve their goals. ”

How do startups react to this kind of major realization when creating a company?


” There are companies who tell us about their difficulties with these issues, and others who have a niche in cleantech and find them obvious. Some of them have based their technological solutions on one of the 17 United Nations goals, but these goals are so broad that we wanted to show them something more specific.


We really appreciate it when startups are honest about what we teach, and we want to be able to adapt to help them. We’re like a central hub with information, professionals and experts, and we want to offer companies as much as possible. These entrepreneurs work so hard on a daily basis that, at the very least, we want to give them easy access to information and resources related to sustainable development. ”



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