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Timechain is a Fintech company that simplifies crypto-transactions,trading and international money transfers through our upcoming app, coming out this summer. At Timechain, we are more than a traditional crypto company. We offer traditional banking services such as consumer lending, investment management, and savings on top of crypto wallet services.


  • Back End App Developer

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Axya is an innovative technology company that standardizes, automates, and centralizes the subcontracting process for buyers and suppliers in the manufacturing industry. It has developed the best technological solution for all companies that have manufacturing needs or capabilities in CNC machining, sheet metal, and welded assembly. All this to make the process easier, faster, and less expensive than the traditional method.


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SPARK Microsystems offers a unique and innovative wireless transmitter-receiver technology that delivers energy efficiency and latency of an order of magnitude better than the state of the art. Our goal is to significantly extend the battery life of electronic systems that require short-range wireless communications, as well as increase the robustness and agility of their wireless connections. If you are dynamic, motivated and ready to live a fulfilling and thrilling professional experience in a unique start-up, we want to talk to you!


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Locketgo is developing a state-of-the-art "Software As A Service - SaaS" platform for intelligent locker management and parcel delivery. The platform integrates with loT products as well as partner systems.


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Kinova is a global leader in professional robotics. Founded in 2006 in Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada, the company's mission was initially to empower individuals with upper-body limitations through the use of assistive robotics. Almost 15 years later, the company has evolved its product line to service new markets — helping researchers, medical professionals, governments, businesses and educational institutions achieve their innovation goals through strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts.

Today, with robotic technologies built up over more than a decade of inspired ingenuity, Kinova’s dedication is to provide solutions to professionals in industries such as agrifood, healthcare, security, nuclear, hazmat and advanced manufacturing to go well beyond their ambitions.


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Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, AEPONYX is the market leader in MEMS-based Silicon Photonics.  With our patented technologies, combining planar Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) and Silicon Photonics, we are building the fastest, most affordable and smallest micro optical switches for use in desegregated switching systems and tunable transceivers. Join the dynamic fabless semiconductor start-up to design and manufacture the optical chips needed for the next generation of fiber optic access to the cloud.


  • Photonic Designer and Programmer
  • R&G Project Manager

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Aifred uses AI to accomplish what was previously not possible with other methods: helping clinicians and patients make better choices when presented with a large number of treatments that are all similarly effective at the population level, but not at the individual patient level. Along with a network of domain experts in psychiatry, we are harnessing the power of AI to better understand patterns in patient data that can predict optimal treatment. Aifred plans to encompass a broad spectrum of mental health conditions, leveraging their treatment-agnostic AI model. At its core, Aifred is focused on bringing better mental healthcare to all.


The Clinical Trial Manager, Software Medical Device is responsible for directing all project management and operational aspects of clinical research and to ensure that clinical team members perform their respective job responsibilities according to GCP/ICH regulations and guidelines in Canada and in the United States for a software medical device, in compliance with ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14971:2019.

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Prevu3D is an emerging software company on a mission to make the benefits of 3D reality capture technologies accessible to Engineers and Project Managers in the manufacturing industry. Our platform provides a novel way to visit and reorganize industrial environments, easily and playfully.


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Nectar’s mission is to help the beekeeping industry ensure honey bees health and secure our food supply. By translating the language of bees, we aim to bring bees, beekeepers, and growers closer together. Using technology and insights built from the use of its data collection technologies, we help beekeepers raise thriving beehives.


  • QA Specialist

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RobotShop is known as the world's leading source for robotics technology. Our strategy is solid and our ambitions are huge! We work continuously to conserve and reinforce our leadership position to ensure that robotics has a positive impact. We are seeking people that are passionate about leading-edge technology; motivated individuals that are able to invest themselves in a mission.


  • Administrative Assistant
  • Community & Social Media Manager
  • Director, Development and Technology
  • Warehouse Clerk

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JITbase is a fast-growing start-up in Montreal, Canada, focused on Manufacturing 4.0 software solutions. Our goal is to digitize the shop floor and turn machine data into human insight and customers use our software to guide machine operators in the factory, so they work more efficiently. It is similar to a GPS calculating the fastest route based on changing traffic conditions.


  • Back End Developer - Industry 4.0
  • Sales Development Representative - Manufacturing Software
  • Channel Manager - Manufacturing Software

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SONOSCOPE Inc. was founded in 2010 by two emergency doctors, Dr. Jean-François Lanctôt and Dr. Maxime Valois. They created a completely new approach for integrating point-of-care ultrasound in the context of resuscitation: the EGLS®(Echo Guided Life Support)

Through its workshops, its e-Learning platform and its numerous accredited trainers, the company trained more than 1,500 doctors across the five continents and now has thirteen international training centers. This illustrates how EGLS® is quickly becoming a standard of care in the practice of resuscitation.


  • Software Developer Intern - Fall 2021
  • EGLS Project Manager

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Dispersa is a start-up specializing in the development of biosurfactants for use across various industries, as part of our greater mission to decarbonize the chemical industry.


  • Fermentation Developer

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FTEX specializes in the development of the world’s most advanced motor drive and power management systems for small electric vehicles. Every day, our team finds innovative solutions utilizing GaNFETs and AI to deliver more power, more efficiently for the vehicles of tomorrow. Join us today to help us make the world a greener place!


  • Printed Circuit Board Design Engineer
  • Embedded Developer
  • Project Manager

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Tooly is a Montreal-based company specializing in digital transformation. We are experts in integration and training with an agile approach that adapts to different companies' reality. We do not have any preferred software. Our mandates start without preconceived ideas. Our first mission is to find the right recommendation for our clients.


  • Directeur/Directrice TI

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At HAXIO, our mission is to put our technology and passion at work to reduce manufacturing waste and ensure better quality products for our society. In order to do so, we are currently developing FactorySight, the easiest and most versatile deep-learning based vision software for quality inspection processes.


  • Sales Manager
  • Full-stack software engineer

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TOTE is a startup at the intersection of fashion, e-commerce and artificial intelligence B2b2C that builds meaningful connections between customers and brands/retailers via a data-driven shopping platform. TOTE makes it easy for shoppers to find the clothes they want through its AI-powered discoverability algorithm and recommendations.


An internship with TOTE is an enriching professional experience that will allow you to acquire practical skills and validate your interest in pursuing a career in the fashion and technology industry.

Your responsibilities: Brand image development, art direction, website development support, landing page creation, presentation creation, newsletters, ad creation and more!

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In our current world, the rapid development of technology in the rail industry allows us to access digital data for nearly every operation performed by rail vehicles and its personnel alike. As a result, rail equipment generates massive amounts of data daily, yet very little information is interpreted.

At RailVision Analytics, we seek to be a leader in advanced data analytics in the rail industry, for the purpose of maximizing efficiency, performance, and monitoring of rail equipment and its management.


  • Junior Software Developer ;
  • Administrative Director ;
  • Business Development Manager ;
  • Market Strategist ;
  • Analytic developer.

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