Thirty-one (31) new technology startups

join the Summer 2021 Acceleration Cohort

Centech is pleased to welcome the Summer 2021 Acceleration Cohort with Thirty-one (31) new technology startups with high growth potential.


This twelve (12) week intensive bootcamp will allow companies to propel their entrepreneurial project by validating the potential of their idea, establishing a solid business model and strengthen the foundations of their organization.


On the agenda: coaching by our entrepreneurs in residence, workshops offered by our partners and recognized experts, testimonials from successful entrepreneurs and much more!


Entrepreneurs will be accompanied for the next 3 months, thanks to the expertise of recognized leaders in the technology and entrepreneurship industry: Martin Enault, lead entrepreneur in residence, with Doryne Bourque, Steve Arless et Jean-Pierre Robert – Medtech entrepreneurs in residence -, Maxime Julien, Daniel Drouet, Renaud Lavoie and Dominic Gagnon.

Welcome on board!



Tech : Acrylic Robotics, Biosam, Boltz.AI, CityZeen, Entijs – ORCA, EV Technologies, Fabeet, Glacies Technologies, GoldnEye/MeToo Bracelet, Gray Routes AI, Ki3 Photonics Technologies Inc., KM Impact, Larve Tech, Liggo Technologies, M2+, Nutrimago, Point Laz Expertise Laser Minière Inc., ShipNow, Silex co., Sports AI & Systèmes Fourrage.


IA Medtech : Bora Materials, Cobionix Corporation, Collogh Cares Inc., Cratos, Ethnocare, SafeX, Stabl, Technologies VegaPhoton, VitAA Medical Solutions & Vope medical.