Press release:

2 new directors join the Centech board of directors

Centech is very pleased to welcome new administrators to its Board of Directors (CA). In 2022, the Centech team and its administrators will now be able to count on the experience of Geneviève Tanguay des Anges QC and Louis Brun, CEO of Sollum Technologies



Geneviève Tanguay has more than 20 years of experience in venture capital investment and has participated in numerous transactions in several innovative sectors, particularly in life sciences. She was director of investments at the Solidarity Fund from 2008 to 2017. Geneviève was also responsible for corporate development at Biron Groupe Santé and became the first woman to hold the position of President and CEO at Anges Québec, the largest Canadian angel investor group that invests in tech start-ups. Geneviève sits on numerous boards including IAS, MAIN, Scale AI and Via Rail and acts as a mentor at CDL. She is strongly committed to the technology investment and start-up ecosystem. Its leadership is based on the strength of collaborations, and believes in the benefits of an open innovation ecosystem.




LouisBrun is a serial entrepreneur who is on his fourth venture in the field of technology with Sollum, a company that benefited from the CentechAcceleration and Propulsion program. Louis has unique experience in technology start-ups combined with extensive international experience at Ericsson and Invidex, integrating product, go-to-market and financing strategies. Louis is a graduate in Electrical Engineering from LavalUniversity, and completed actuarial studies and the entrepreneurship program at MIT. He is passionate about technology and the commercialization of innovation. He believes in alignment, which creates great focus and helps establish the foundation for successful companies.



Centech is very proud to be able to count them among its quality administrators who will bring their expertise, knowledge and leadership to ensure the proper development and prosperity of our organization.



About Centech
Created in 1996 by the École de technologie supérieure and located in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier de l’innovation, Centech is a booster for start-ups dedicated to technological objects and other advanced technologies with high growth potential. Thanks to its Acceleration and Propulsion programs, Centech acts as a real instrument of growth, thus creating one of the largest concentrations of high-level technological entrepreneurs in Quebec and Canada.


About Anges Québec
Founded in 2008, Anges Québec is a network of more than 230 angel investors whose mission is to invest and invest in innovative Quebec companies. Members of the Anges Québec network have, to date, invested more than $117 million in the Quebec economy, totaling more than 270 investments in more than 150 innovative companies. Thanks to the AQadémie, Anges Québec supports its members in the constant acquisition of new knowledge and skills inherent in investing.


About Sollum Technologies
Founded in 2015, Sollum Technologies is inspired by nature to offer greenhouse growers the only smart LED lighting solution that dynamically reproduces and modulates all the spectra of natural sunlight. The company is based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) where its design, development and manufacturing activities are concentrated. Sollum MC works closely with its customers and research centers to create recipes adapted to the growth stages of each product, regardless of its climate of origin in the world and the location of their greenhouse. Its Sun at Your Service TM cloud platform allows for multi-zone lighting management so growers can simultaneously apply multiple recipes in the same greenhouse. It also adapts the lighting of each zone automatically according to the ambient light to comply with the parameters of the recipe. Sollum’s award-winning lighting solution thus provides unparalleled value in terms of energy savings, productivity and superior food quality through a flexible, scalable and easy-to-use application, with the utmost respect for the environment.