Dedicated to deeptech & medTech companies with high growth potential, Centech is a world-class business incubator based in Montreal.

Centech is a non-profit organization open to everyone and offers two support programs for startups: the Acceleration program (12 weeks), then the strongest potentials are selected to get into the Propulsion program (24 months).

Since 2018, Centech has its own open innovation lab, Collision Lab, where large corporations are supported to integrate technology projects thanks to the agility of startups and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Centech performs particularly well in the fields of medical technology, manufacturing, telecoms and microelectronics and other intelligent objects.

In 2019, Centech was recognized by UBI Global as one of the most successful university incubators in the world.


Coaching and mentoring
Benefit from the advice of seasoned technology business people and entrepreneurs.
Access to labs
Take advantage of special access to sophisticated labs of ÉTS. You’ll get a head start and and do your prototyping more quickly. Certain conditions may apply.
A network of external experts
Our partners will support you in specific fields: law, finances, communications, etc.
Sophisticated equipment
White rooms, 3D printers, powerful supercomputers — you’ll have access to the university’s cutting edge equipement. Certain conditions may apply.
Open and enclosed work spaces
Furnished office with mail service, reception, meeting rooms, manufacturing workshop and office automation tools. We can offer all this to you.
Financial support
Entrepreneurs receive financial kits when they are at the incubator and training on financing is offered in both programs. Access to exclusive bursaries is also planned.


Richard Chénier

Richard Chénier

General Manager

Marjorick noir & blanc

Marjorick Foisy

Director of Programs

Julian Lucchesi

Julian Lucchesi

Director of Strategic partnerships

Martin Enault EeR

Martin Enault

Chief Entrepreneur in residence


Natasha Joseph

Executive Assistant

Julie Galiana

Julie Galiana



Maude Roy-Paré

Acceleration Program Lead

Fabienne Adeslon

Fabienne Adelson

Acceleration Program Administrative Assistant

Jocelyne Fortier

Jocelyne Fortier

Acceleration Program Technician

Amine Frini

Amine Frini

Acceleration Program Advisor


Khady Barky Diallo

Accounting Technician


Jasmine Létourneau

Propulsion Program Lead

Philippe Thompson

Philippe Thompson

Propulsion Program - MedTech Advisor


Fabrice Lauzon

Advisor, Partnerships & Sponsorships

Sharon Lenette

Sharon Lenette

Propulsion Program Adminstrative Assistant


Claudia Silva

International Relations Manager

Margot Photo

Margot Point

Communications & Marketing Advisor

Conseillère aux communications

Julia Barkany

Communication & Marketing Coordinator

nouvelles arrivées - Maria & Geneviève (Publication Instagram)

Geneviève Lacoursière

Communications & Marketing Advisor (Collision Lab)

Medhi Younes Alloune

Medhi Younes Alloune

Data Analyst


Adrien Flisak

Events Coordinator


Olivier Thomas

Collision Lab Lead, Corporate Innovation

JB Leguet NB

Jean-Baptiste Leguet

Collision Lab Advisor, Corporate Innovation

Maria Bilash

Maria Bilash

Collision Lab Advisor, Corporate Innovation


Farideh Bahrami

Mitacs post-doctoral fellow


Renaud Lavoie

Lead Entrepreneur in residence (Fall 2021 Cohort)

Steve_Arless - EeR

Steve Arless

Entrepreneur in residence (MedTech)


Isabelle Bettez

Entrepreneur in residence


Doryne Bourque

Entrepreneur in residence

Patrick d'Astous

Patrick d’Astous

Entrepreneur in residence


Jean-Luc Deschamps

Expert in residence

Daniel Drouet N&B

Daniel Drouet

Entrepreneur in residence

Daleyne Guay

Daleyne Guay

Entrepreneur in residence

Maxime Julien N&B

Maxime Julien

Entrepreneur in residence

Marie-Hélène Lamarre

Marie-Hélène Lamarre

Entrepreneur in residence

Remi Richard

Rémi Richard

Entrepreneur in residence (MedTech)


Jean-Pierre Robert

Entrepreneur in residence (MedTech)

Julie Le Ster

Julie Le Ster

L'École de Design Nantes Atlantique - Master's Program Coordinator, Montreal Studio