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Machine Learning Developer

We are looking for a machine learning developer that is seeking new challenges and love the startup environment and working with a great team. You should be ready to take on responsibility and truly believe in our vision and solution. As a developer you will work on mandates that take part in all stages of the software development life cycle of a new product. Your functions include developing and implementing features and high quality code to bring a machine learning system into production.  You will be working closely with the R & D team.  You will also get lots of freedom to initiate solutions and work together with other developers in weekly sprints.

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Blühen Solutions

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

The CTO must be a successful leader that can bring together hardware and software side of the product.  They must see the product as a whole and see their team in the same light.  The CTO must liaise with the CEO, CFO and Business Development Manager to build a product that is not only technologically sound but that will engage our customers.  The CTO must value quality and efficient work. As the Research and Development team leader, they must be ready to push for creative and innovative designs.  The CTO must support in the effort to create an open and safe space for all team members.

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SPARK Microsystems

Integrated Circuit Product Manager

Responsible for working with a team of highly skilled IC designers to bring advanced prototypes to fully qualified radio frequency ICs that are ready for mass production. This position involves leading and working with a team of engineers to:

  • Develop and implement IC test plans for efficient testing at mass production
  • Qualify ICs according to JEDEC (or similar) standards
  • Certification of RF products according to FCC regulations
  • Interfacing with semiconductor fabrication facilities and packaging houses
  • Producing datasheets and ensuring products meets specifications
  • Producing compelling demos and whitepapers to showcase the advantages of the technology
  • Interfacing with the sales team to support their activities

Engineering Project Manager

As an Engineering Project Manager within SPARK Microsystems, you will be responsible for managing new innovation products that may involve multiple engineers including both external and internal partners. Performance of technical reviews and analysis of all project stages are part of your responsibility. Creativity and innovation in problem solving are also necessary components of an excellent Project Manager.

Embedded Systems Software Engineer

As an Embedded Software Engineer within SPARK Microsystems, you will be responsible for the coding of our different hardware platforms including wireless networking stacks, PC interfaces, and firmware.

You will design, implement, and test firmware and software to form optimal communications wireless networks using the extremely low power wireless transceivers developed by SPARK Microsystems. This includes developing low power wireless sensor networks in point-to-point, star, and mesh configurations, as well as efficient point-to-point links for audio streaming applications.  The selected candidate will be responsible for developing efficient firmware to support these applications, as well as a graphical user interface for each system that allows users to control the flow of information in the wireless system.

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ARA Robotics

Full Stack Developer

ARA Robotics is looking for a talented software developer interested in enhancing and developing its ground control station software and its embedded systems. The candidate will participate in iterative design, testing and development sprints to refine the overall product solution using the Agile development process.

Communications Officer

ARA Robotics is currently looking for a Communications Officer who will contribute to the company’s marketing strategy for its products and services in North America. The person sought will have to like to work on several projects at the same time, will have to be autonomous and creative. The main mandates of the position will be: participation in the development of the company’s website, development of visual sales tools, management of social media platforms, organization and participation in international conferences and other related tasks with the radiation of the company.

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